Penguin Planner - Communication Link

    Every student receives a Penguin Planner at the beginning of each school year.  This planner is an essential part of maintaining home and school communication.  It is your child's responsibility to ensure you see and sign the planner each evening.  
    Mondays:  Each Monday, the entire school week is completed including planned quizzes, tests and assignments.  Each student is responsible for doing this in the class.
    Students are not allowed to leave the classroom without having a stamp from a teacher in the planner to ensure accuracy.
    Tuesday - Thursday:   Students add to their planner new assignments or information that needs to be communicated with home.
    Nightly:  It is important for me to know that you have seen your child's Penguin Planner every night.  

    By signing the bottom of the Planner each day I know you saw the homework, and ensured your child read 20 minutes.  Please do not sign the days in advance.
    It is your child's responsibility to bring the planner to you each evening to review.  There may be notes you need to see or other important information.  By you signing the planner I know you have seen it!
    Reading is assigned nightly.  Every student needs to be reading for 20 minutes per night.  Reading regularly is essential to continued growth across all academic areas.
    Daily:  After each taught subject, students are instructed to put what they need to go home right in their backpacks.   The objective of this process is to make the transition to home from school smooth, and instill the importance of preparation into each child's routine.