• homework
    Make Up Work
    I use a variety of teaching strategies to ensure every child has a chance of grasping the content of each subject area. These often require partner or small group and hands on activities.  

    Sending home worksheets from untaught lessons does not follow my teaching philosophy.  I would much rather take the time to help your child catch up upon return.
    What You Can Do
    1. Ensure your child has a book that he or she enjoys to read.  Reading strenghtens learning across every content area.
    2. Practice multiplication math facts.  This is the foundation of all fourth grade math.  Knowing math facts facilitates multistep calculations like long division, finding common denominators, adding and subtracting fractions and similar calculations.


    If your child is sick for a day, please do not request homework that day.  Please allow your child to take the time to rest and feel better.  We will catch up together in class.


    Please do not ask for homework in advance if you are planning a trip. Homework is based on material covered in class. It is against my teaching practices to assign homework for material not covered. I will do my best to get your child caught up upon return.