• casto


    Hello, my name is Matt Casto and I am the technology resource teacher (TRT) here at Cool Spring.  What is a TRT you may ask?  Well, here are some of my responsibilities:

    • To “produce” the morning news show that is shown throughout the school.
    • To assist teachers in creating lessons that incorporate technology throughout the curriculum.
    • Maintain the computer network.  This includes hardware and software issues.  We have approximately 170 networked computers throughout the school.
    • Account Administrator 
    • Web Admin for the school

    I also teach lessons in the classroom as needed and help out wherever I can throughout the building.  I look forward to working with both the students and staff at Cool Spring!


    Before coming to Cool Spring I taught business and computer courses at Loudoun County High School for 11 years.  I am married to a former 3rd grade teacher that now stays at home with our five children.  Please feel free to email me at :  matthew.casto@lcps.org