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    PALS: Each year Cedar Lane participates in a state wide literacy screening program called PALS (Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening.)  In Kindergarten, this measure looks at children's ability to identify letters, sounds and rhyming words as well as their ability to finger point read familiar text.  These skills are the foundation of future literacy learning.  In first through third grade, students are assessed in the areas of spelling, word recognition in isolation, oral reading and comprehension.  The screening results enable the classroom teacher to provide specific, appropriate instruction for each individual student.
         The state determines benchmark passing scores for these measures.  Those students who do not meet the benchmark receive additional literacy instruction.  This screening and remediation program is a result of Virginia's Early Intervention Reading Initiative(EIRI) passed in 1997.
    See the PALS website for more information & parent resources.
     DRA: The Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA) is given in grades 1-3 as a measure of students' abilities in reading accuracy, fluency and, most importantly, comprehension.  According to Joetta Beaver, creator of DRA, the primary purposes of the assessment are to:
    1. Monitor student growth in a variety of skills and strategies.
    2. Help teachers diagnose students' needs and plan for instruction.
    3. Prepare students to be successful at meeting today's classroom and testing expectations.
Last Modified on June 8, 2020