• Physical Education

    2019-2020 Yearly Plan

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    1st Quarter-

    -Rules and Procedures

    -Playground/Gymnasium Safety

    -Substitute Activity

    -Soccer Skills/Activities

    -Locomotor Skills

    -Five Components of Fitness

    -Football Skills/Activities

    -Overhand Throwing/Activities

    -SNAG Golf

    -VA Wellness Fitness Testing



    2nd Quarter-



    -Jumping Rope/Fitness

    -Handball Skills/Activities

    -Underhand Roll/Bowling

    -Heart Health Games

    -Chasing/Fleeing/Dodging/Tag Games

    -Juggling Activities



    3rd Quarter-



    -Volleyball Skills/Activities

    -Basketball Related Skills/Activities

    -Hockey Skills/Activities

    -Cooperative Games/Activities





    4th Quarter-


    -Frisbee Skills/Frisbee Golf

    -Scoops and Cooperative Games

    -Soccer Skills/Activities

    -VA Wellness Fitness Testing

    -Recreational Skills/Activities

    -Outdoor Games and Activities



    We also will be filling in activities from our Five for Life curriculum guide throughout the year as well. This will focus on heart health, fitness, nutrition, etc