• Catoctin Elementary playground rules




    Follow all of the following playground/recess rules:


    ·         All expectations fall under our PBIS program.

    ·         Students must wear appropriate shoes to use playground or participate in running activities. No crocs, sandals, flops, open back or “toed” shoes, boots, dress shoes, shoes with “fat” laces that are loose.

    ·         Follow all school/class rules which relate to character education (respect, cooperation, sportsmanship, etc..)

    ·         Respect other people’s space.  Keep hands and feet to yourself at all times----No chase, tag, etc…, games on equipment or in mulched areas.

    ·         Slide down the slides in a seated position one at a time; do not climb up.

    ·         One way only on “monkey” bars, one person at a time.

    ·         Standing on or flipping over bars of any kind is not permitted.

    ·         All recess equipment to be used on fields, blacktop only; no equipment in mulched areas

    ·         No picking up/throwing mulch, sand, rocks, etc…

    ·         No eating or drinking unless in an approved designated area.  Throw any trash away.

    ·         No extra equipment to be brought from home unless approved by teacher.

    ·         For restroom use, tell your teacher and bring a buddy to the restroom.

    ·         Students should line up in an orderly fashion.

    ·         Be responsible for recess equipment.