• Circulation

    Circulation Policy
    All students at Belmont Station have access to the school library. 
    • The number of items students are allowed to borrow at one time is dictated by grade level.   
    • No student will be denied access to the library because of overdue, damaged or lost books. 
    • Students may be allowed additional items if approved by their teacher and the librarian.
    • Students may come to the library at any time, with permission from their teacher, to return books and check out new ones.
    • Every child should have one fiction book at an appropriate level to help them practice their reading skills.  Their other book(s) are of their own choosing.
    Below are the number of items allowed to be check out by each grade level.
    Kindergarten-1 book to begin with to increase to 2 later in the year
    First grade-2 books
    Second grade-2 books
    Third grade-3 books
    Fourth grade-3 books
    Fifth grade- 3 books