• What is the mission of the Belmont Station Library?
    The mission of the Belmont Station Elementary Library is to:
    • provide instruction so students will become effective users or information,
    • provide a collection of high-quality children's literature and
    • provide guidance to students and staff in the selection of materials for pleasure reading and instructional support.
    How many books can my child checkout?
    All students at Belmont Station have access to the school library. 
    • The number of items students are allowed to borrow at one time is dictated by grade level. 
    • No student will be denied access to the library because of overdue, damaged or lost books. 
    • Students may be allowed additional items if approved by their teacher and the librarian.
    Below are the number of items allowed to be check out by each grade level.
    Kindergarten-2 books
    First grade-2 books
    Second grade-2 books
    Third grade-3 books
    Fourth grade-3 books
    Fifth grade-3 books


    What happens if my child damages or loses a book?
        If a book is lost or damaged and no longer able to checked out the book will need to be paid for.  You may pay be cash or by check made payable to Belmont Station Elementary School.  Once payment is received the book will be removed from your child's record and a replacement copy will be ordered.  If the specific book is no longer in print a similar replacement book will be ordered.
    What happens if I find a book that was lost and paid for?
         If you find a book that was paid for and a replacement copy has not yet been ordered you may request a refund.  If a replacement copy has ben ordered you may donate the book to the Belmont Station Library or add it to your own collection.  Please see the librarian for a refund request.
    How do I contact the librarian?
         Mrs. Herrmann may be reached at school, during school hours, at 571-252-2240 or through e-mail at denise.herrmann@lcps.org .  E-mails will be responded to within 24 hours.
    How do I sign up to volunteer?
         Volunteers are very important to the library.  Volunteers may be asked to help shelve books, help students find books, process books to get them ready for the shelves, or complete a special project for the librarian.  If you are interested in helping in the library please contact Mrs. Herrmann at denise.herrmann@lcps.org and let her know you are interested in helping.