• Dear Parents,

              Welcome to a new year in second grade!  Your child will be facing some challenges and enjoying many new experiences.  Please set goals for you and your child to read and spend time together on homework every night.  Turn the TV off occasionally and find other things to do!  You’ll be surprised how much you all will enjoy trying something different!  Please help us make school a priority in your child’s life.


              During the first nine weeks we would like to focus on:


    Language Arts

    Sentence structure                  main idea                          revising and editing

    Short vowels                          drawing conclusions            following directions

    Phonetic strategies                 making predictions              r-controlled vowels

    Capitalization/punctuation       writing in complete sentences


    Spelling and Handwriting

    Development/master of lifetime spelling words

    Practice of letter formation in the D’Nealian style



    Addition strategies            subtraction strategies         find sums to 18

    Find differences to 18        patterns                            Calendar

    Ordinal Numbers               place value                        problem solving



    Habitats                          seasonal changes               scientific investigation



    Social Science

    Citizenship                       responsibilities                  communities

    Maps and globes                locating rivers, mountains, and lakes on a U.S. map

    Helen Keller                      Susan B. Anthony              Betsy Ross



    Playground Safety