Join the PTA and together we can shape the future of our school!

    Welcome to Ball's Bluff PTA! How to Join? We can now join online directly on the National PTA website:

    ● Go to www.pta.org

    ● Select the yellow “JOIN” tab at the top of the page

    ● Click on the state of VA, then click on the “Join the VA PTA (online form)” line

    ● Follow the directions to either create an account or sign in

    ● When you get to the “Join Your PTA” page select VA PTA, then Ball’s Bluff, then Individual Membership ($7.00). Then select “Checkout”

    ● You will see your shopping cart with your membership in it. Select “Join”

    ● You will then be directed to a page to pay for your membership online

    Who should I contact if I have questions? 

     Please contact Membership Chair Debbie Kale
    Does It Cost Me Anything?

    Black Paw Membership - Individual Membership for $7

    Faculty/Staff Membership - $5 
    Why Should I Join?
    • Your vote will matter. When a vote is required during our BBES PTA meetings, ONLY members can cast a ballot. The PTA votes on a variety of issues throughout the year including approving the yearly budget which directs how the money raised via our fundraisers and direct donation campaign will be spent.
    • Access/input to state and national PTA resources
    • Influence local, state, national formulation of laws, policies, and practices – education or legislation













Last Modified on August 22, 2017