• Here are some fun ideas to try at home. 
    Ask your parents for help and to create with you!
    1.  Create a collage of the things you find on a nature walk.
    2.  Pretend you are a graphic artist and create a brochure  advertising a trip to the past.
    3.  Write a note to a friend using pictures instead of words.
    4.  Create a wind chime out of objects that you find around the house.
    5.  Design a new album cover for your favorite band.
    6.  Create a paper mache dinosaur egg out of newspaper and a balloon.
    7.  Get an ice cream cone and draw it as it melts. (and you eat it:)
    8.  Using scrap paper, design a mask used for celebration.
    9.  Draw someone yawning.
    10.  Make a paper weaving.
    11.  Draw a person running.
    12.  Collect artwork that you and other members of the house have created and set up a gallery show.
    13.  Imagine that you have just created the most delicious snack.  Design a package for the tasty treat.
    14.  Design and color a poster that promotes recycling in your community.
    15.  Using home made clay, create a creature from outer space. (look at the art recipes page for the home made clay)
    16. Describe a walk through your back yard as viewed by an ant.  Draw a picture of it.
    17.  Create a monochromatic painting, or a painting using one color,  of your room.
    18.  Draw as many types of lines as you can.
    19.  Create a no sow rag doll using old t-shirt.
    20.  Create a necklace using pasta.  (if you want your necklace to have color check out the recipe page)
    21.  Cut a picture in half.  Glue on half to a piece of paper and draw the other half to complete it.
    22.  Visit a museum.  If you cant go in really life visit that museums web page.
    23.  Draw something Fuzzy!
    24.  Build a model of your house using tape, paper and scissors.
    25.  Draw a picture of yourself making a silly face.
    26.  Create your own "I Spy" by drawing things on one page that are similar.
    27.  What is your favorite book?  Draw a new cover for it.
Last Modified on June 17, 2009