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    Pathways to Reading and Writing

          Pathways to Reading and Writing….               
                                     A Balanced Literacy Approach



    The reading program at Ashburn Elementary, called Pathways to Reading and Writing, applies a balanced literacy approach.  This approach to instruction involves teaching children to use the three cueing systems (meaning, sentence structure, and letter sounds) all together, in learning to read.  Instruction integrates reading with thinking, writing, listening. 



              How is this literacy program conducted in the classroom?


    The students are involved in large group, small group, and independent activities during the reading and writing time. Lessons are conducted in the classrooms. The students work on skills such as:


    ·         Word Study/Phonics: The study of letters, sounds, patterns and meaning units


    ·         Comprehension: The process of constructing meaning while reading


    ·         Reading Workshop: Students engage in a short minilesson followed by independent reading, partner reading and/or various small group work  to target their areas of need.   


    ·         Shared Reading: Teacher and children read text together concentrating on targeted skills.


    ·         Guided Reading: Teacher guides the reading of small differentiated student groups with appropriate leveled texts.


    ·         Read Aloud: Teacher reads text aloud to students to model and focus on skills.


    ·         Writing Workshop: Students are engaged in the writing process and produce pieces of writing in many genres.


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