• This is what is typically expected from our 3rd graders for 2019 - 2020 School Year:
    3rd Grade Homework : 
    Week 1: Reading - Read for 15 or more minutes every day
    Week 2: Reading (read aloud to an adult too) and Math homework daily
    Week 3: Reading, Math and Word Study (all homework begins)
    Lookout for Math, Science and Social Studies Study Guides!
    Math    Monday - Thursday
    (See study guide to study Math Vocabulary)
    Word Study     
    Monday - Thursday (test Friday)
    Science/ Social studies - Study Vocab. Cards (as needed)
    Read for 15+ minutes a day and listen to your 3rd grader read aloud too please
    Please visit the following website often to improve your math fluency and facts:
    Reflex  (Log on: 3bonorchis, Password: 6 digit lunch number)
    See additional websites open to third graders on LCPSGO