Mrs. Burkett
    I am very happy to be at Algonkian Elementary again this year. I look forward to working with all the students and staff. This is my sixth year at Algonkian as the Technology Resource Teacher. I have been the TRT for ten years previously at Meadowland Elementary and Cedar Lane Elementary. I previously taught elementary school Kindergarten, first, and third grades in Fairfax County. A few years back I completed my Masters in Educational Technology at George Mason University. I have lived in Ashburn, Virginia for fifteen years with my husband and two sons.
    I look forward to helping students and staff learn more about computers and technology this year. Last spring Algonkian's PTA generously budgeted money to boost our technology ratio for the school. We purchased 30 new Chromebooks for student use this year.  Teachers and students will get hands-on training and experience using these new devices to help better integrate technology into all parts of their learning and assist in student assessments and achievements.

    Students in kindergarten, first and secon, and third grade will work with computers in their classrooms as well as coming to the lab in thirty or forty-five minute sessions once a week  for computer integration and for Reflex math or I-Ready. Reflex was purchased by our PTA, and the subscription was renewed again for this year. Reflex math program allows students to work on fluency of math facts at their own pace. I-Ready is a program provided by the county that presents students with lessons in Math and Reading designed to be at each students' individual learning level.  Students in 
    fourth and fifth grade are participating in BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) program this year. They will work with the two desktop computers and several laptop computers in their classrooms as well as sharing a full cart of 30 laptop computers one for each grade level. These are in addition to any devices they wish to bring in to school. For more information on BYOT - check out the Algonkian main page and look for the BYOT tab.

    We recycle! Please send in your used ink cartridges and toner cartridges for recycling. Just drop them off in the Computer Lab. The proceeds will be used to purchase additional technology equipment.