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    Mrs. Peterson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Ladycliff College, Highland Falls, New York and is certified to teach Preschool - Grade 8.  She completed her practicum for endorsement in the teaching of the Gifted through the University of Virginia. Mrs. Peterson is a lifelong learner!  She has a special interest in history.  She has participated in two Mount Vernon Summer seminars, "Slavery at Mount Vernon" and "George Washington, Gentleman Scholar" and was selected as a Stratford-Monticello Scholar in 2003, studying the leaders of the American Revolution and actually getting to hold Thomas Jefferson's copy of the Declaration of Independence!  She has attended several seminars at the Library of Congress to discover ways to incorporate their resources in learning experiences.  She spent a week during the summer of 2013 exploring Virginia history through the Virginia History Museum and the University of Richmond.  It was exciting to actually get to touch items from their amazing collection of artifacts.  This past year she was selected to be part of the inaugural Virginia Declaration of Learning.  This year-long program required the development of a learning unit based on using resources from five of Virginia's museums (Mount Vernon, the American Civil War Museum, the Virginia Museum of History and Culture, the Diplomatic Reception Rooms of the U.S. State Department, and the Chrysler Museum of Art.  Mrs. Peterson was able to incorporate these special lessons in the FUSION leadership curriculum.

    Mrs. Peterson believes children should explore and investigate as they learn.  A math-based STEAM class at George Mason University has inspired her to create more interdisciplinary lessons connecting science, technology, engineering, arts, and math.  

    Recognizing Mrs. Peterson's extensive experience with the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A, the Loudoun Commission on Women selected her as one of the 2004 Outstanding Women of Loudoun in the field of education.

    Her days at Algonkian are always happy ones - shared with a positive staff and curious, engaged students.
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