• Algonkian Elementary
    Volunteer Opportunities
    To see the PTA Open Volunteer Positions please click Position_2016_17.


    Please consider helping out with one or more of the following below...

    Library Volunteers

    The library would like someone to help shelve books every other Friday afternoon. If you are interested please contact our librarian: Chrissie.Devinney@lcps.org

    Volunteers Needed at our Upcoming Events

    Help out at one of our fun events!!

    Al the Bobcat

    Please sign up to be Al the Bobcat at different Algonkian Elementary events! Spread the spirit!! Each event requires 2025 minute commitment. In true mascot style,
    Al doesn't talk, he just dances, high fives, and enjoys the kids and crowds! The mascot costume can be picked up at the front desk of the school and
    returned there when you are done. Want to help? Please contact April Chandler at algonkianptapres@gmail.com.

    Library Volunteers 
    If you love books and love the being in a library, this is for you!! Help out in the library at Algonkian. Just contact Trish Grace and let her know your availability.

    Trish Grace
    Library Assistant
    Algonkian Elementary
    LCPS Extension 84350
    Calling All Bakers!
    Do you like to bake? We need volunteers to bake for the staff birthdays. We need a parent per month to bake (and package individually) treats for each staff member having bdays that month, anything from cupcakes, mini loaves of breads, cookies, chocolate, anything that you can think of. You will bring it to school on the designated day or arrangements can be made to to pick up the night before. Please contact Taylor Marr taylorkapp@yahoo.com if you are interested or have any questions.


    To volunteer on a regular basis with the kids in the classroom, you are required by Virginia State Law to have a certificate from the local health department stating that you have been screened or tested, and appear to be free of communicable tuberculosis disease. Once you have this screening certificate on file with our school, you do NOT have to renew it is sufficient year to year. Please view this TB Screening and Volunteer Procedures for more details.