• Battle of the Books

    Battle of the Books was first established with key purposes in mind.  The main idea, though, was to get people reading.  Anyone can participate no matter what his/her reading ability may be.  Battle of the Books has had 11 successful years and the battlers are gearing up for their twelfth.
    Past Winners
    2005-2006 Briar Woods High School
    2006-2007 Heritage High School
    2007-2008 Dominion High School
    2008-2009 Loudoun Valley High School
    2009-10 Dominion High School
    2010-2011 Dominion High School
    2011-2012 Dominion High School
    2012-2013 Tuscarora High School
    2013-2014 Briar Woods High School
    2014-2015 Tuscarora High School
    2015-2016 Briar Woods High School
    2016-2017 Woodgrove High
Last Modified on April 19, 2017