• Battle of the Books

     Mrs. Clerkin's Rant

    One rainy afternoon, as I sipped my tea and noshed on a Dumplin’, I had an amazing Breakthrough.  I hadn’t seen my best friends in a very long time, and I felt it was Written in the Stars that we get together.  I texted them saying, We Should Hang Out SometimeWe All Looked Up our favorite vacation spots, and it was decided we’d meet up at Port Chicago.  Of course, Albert suggested going to Harlem, but no One was Ready for that.  So, when we got to Chicago, we decided to do a bit of sightseeing.  We wandered into a museum where One Teen Innovator, who is Changing the World, built a Throne of GlassHow he did this without causing a Disaster or a Mutiny was beyond us.  We learned that the Fight for Civil Rights is Embarassingly, A True Story.  After the museum, we found our way to an arcade, and one Player, Albert, spent 50 dollars playing Hellfighters!  As we were Carrying Albert Home, he declared would never do that again.  


    Veronica Vigilar -- 2nd Place

    Good luck to all Battlers up on the stage! 
Last Modified on February 28, 2017