• Battle of the Books

    Purpose Statement


    The Battle of the Books was established with the following purposes in mind:


          1. to promote literacy throughout Loudoun County high schools
    2. to encourage adolescents to read for pleasure
    3. to acquaint teen readers with various genres of contemporary young adult literature
    4. to allow students of all reading abilities to participate
    5. to honor students who endeavor to pursue reading as an extracurricular activity and a life-long pursuit, and
    6. to encourage reading aloud, book discussions, and collaboration and interaction among participants.

    Adolescent readers deserve the kinds of support and opportunities that will enable them to grow into confident, independent readers. 

    We believe that adolescent readers have a right to...

     access to a wide variety of reading material that appeals to their interests; the opportunity to read simply for the pleasure of it and to experience the joys of reading; and homes, schools, and communities that support the needs of adolescent readers.

    International Reading Association
















     Considerations in selecting books:


    • Variety of genre (general fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense, humor, romance, biography, memoir, poetry, etc.)
    • Variety of reading levels
    • Appeal to both genders
    • Balance of characters (gender, ethnicity, etc.
    • Contemporary (recent publications preferred)
    • Committee and student recommendations




Last Modified on February 28, 2017