• Internet Driving Review Tasks

    How well do you know your signs?

    1. On the right side of the page click on DMV GAME
      Click on STUDY and review each sign and its definition. 
    2. When finished from the study review click return to main window.
    3. Click on START to play the sign game with Test Score.
    4. You are to click on the correct meaning of the signs as they stop your car on your drive.  There are 23 sign questions with three possible correct answers.
    5. At the end of your sign drive print out your test score and give it to Mr. Gryder.
    6. Click on Signs Database below to draw and define 10 signs that were on your sign game. 
    7. Choose the ones you got wrong or the 10 that most gave you trouble with its meaning.


    Create a Study Guide for Yourself
    1. Open the Signs Database.
    2. Using the Internet, search for images of and definitions for 10 signs. You can refer back to the definitions that were on your road test game. 
    3. Start with the signs that you got incorrect or the ones that you had the most difficulty with.