English Language Arts 11 and AP Literature
    Mrs. Cadang-Kristan
    Mrs. Cadang-Kristan

    The 2021-2022 year is Mrs. Kristan’s 25th year in education after graduating from Indiana University in 1996. She achieved her Bachelor of Science degree in English Education and minored in English as a Second Language.


    Upon graduating, Mrs. Kristan returned to her island home in Kona, Hawai’i and spent seven years as a teacher and vice-principal at Kealakehe High School. Then in 2004, she moved to Loudoun County and joined the staff at Mercer Middle School. For seven years she served as a classroom teacher and department chair before joining the staff at Tuscarora High School and later Riverside High. Ms. Kristan now teaches grades 11 and AP Literature and Composition and is Riverside's English Department Chair.   


    Mrs. Kristan received her Master’s degree in Education Administration from George Mason University in 2007 and plans to pursue a doctorate in the coming years. 


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