• Naviance/Family Connections
    Naviance/Family Connections is a software program offering a wide range of college search tools, career assessments, and college admissions data based on Tuscarora alumni.

    Naviance/Family Connections can show current students the average GPA and standardized test scores of accepted students from Tuscarora at 3,500+ colleges and universities (student identities are protected.).  In addition, students may view detailed information about a college or university, including the number of students who have applied, been accepted, and attended that school – all based on Tuscarora alumni. This is an important factor, as students are evaluated for college admission based on the context of their high school.


    Naviance - English
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    Naviance Student English
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    Naviance Student Spanish
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    Naviance/Family Connections also has the following capabilities:


    • Organize applications – Once senior year begins, students will find that Naviance/Family Connections becomes a personal filing system. Using the features under “colleges”, students can organize applications and track deadlines.
    • Research colleges – Perform a college search based on criteria like location, size, student body, and more. Compare GPA, standardized test scores, and other statistics to actual historical data from Tuscarora students who have applied and been admitted.
    • View college overlaps – Students often find schools that are a good academic fit, but want more schools just like it. By clicking on overlaps, students can see up to 10 more schools that are similar. This data is compiled through application analysis. Students who apply to one school will typically apply to the 10 college overlaps.
    • Sign up for college visits – Tuscarora hosts college visits in the Career Center. Find out which colleges are visiting our school and sign up to attend those sessions.
    • Utilize career tools – When students are looking for more insight about career options, Naviance/Family Connections can help. Through the Career Interest Profiler (“explore interests”) students can match their interests to specific careers. By clicking on “explore careers” students can learn specific information about many careers, including job description, salaries, outlook, education, and more.
    • More options - Naviance/Family Connections allows students to take a personality assessment, search for scholarships, participate in school-wide surveys, and create a resume.


     To access Naviance/Family Connections, click here.


    Note:  Student username and password are your LEAD ID.  Parents who do not have access, should contact Michael Newkirk in the Career Center for an access code.


Last Modified on August 27, 2019