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    CLUB Officers:

    President Eric Orellana: orellanaeric@ymail.com

    Vice President Bridget Bowles: bnbdynomite5@aol.com   

    Club Sponsor Mrs.Westervelt: mimi.westervelt@lcps.org

    Phone Number: 571-252-1900

    Fax Number: 571-252-1901 


     Walking For Water is a club at Tuscarora High school teamed up with Wisdom Springs, a charitable non- profit organization.  Our mission is to provide clean immaculate water to villages in Africa.  Our task is to come up with fundraising ideas and to prepare for our annual event that  attracts thousands every year.  If you are a person with a passion to help, we encourage you to attend our meetings. We need people with a creative mind and motivation to organize events that our community will enjoy. We meet every Tuesday in Mrs. Westervelt’s room (Room 502). Everyone is welcome! 

    WALKING FOR WATER is devoted to giving the waters of life to indigenous villages in Africa. It combines village wisdom with western drilling technology and funds for education. Our goal: to reclaim the land and the rich culture it sustains. Give people the hope of clean water!

     For more information on Wisdom Springs and Walking for Water please visit:http://wisdomspringinc.org/walkingforwater.html

    Interesting Facts:

    ·         We have raised over $180,000 to put in wells in villages in Africa.

    ·         We have over 20 wells in Africa.

    ·         Our wells serve over 40,000 families.

    ·         884 million people in the world do not have access to safe water.

    ·         1.4 million children die every year from unclean water and poor sanitation.

    ·         Children and women in many parts of Africa have to walk an average 6 hours to get water.

    ·         Children begin carrying 45 pound jugs on their heads at the age of 3.


     Take action!! See you at our next meeting!!



Last Modified on December 7, 2012