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    The World Languages and Cultures Department
    of Briar Woods Welcomes You! 

    The LCPS WLC Department is committed to cultivating an environment that recognizes, respects and honors diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Teachers will equip their students linguistically and culturally, in order to communicate effectively in a diverse society and globalized world, empowering them to make meaningful contributions to the world. 


    WLC Staff:


    Department Chair: Tammy Celis


    French: Anne Montviloff- levels 3, 4H, 5H, 6AP

    Calandra Jackson- levels 2 and 3


    German: Yuki Gibson- levels 1-6AP
    Latin: Michelle Lindo- levels 1-6AP
    Mandarin Chinese: Lin Zhao- levels 1-4H
    Spanish: Tammy Celis- levels 3 and 4H
    Alma Diaz- level 2 and SFS levels 3 and 4
    Lourdes Lelo- levels 3, 5H and 6AP
    Shannon Stryker- levels 1 and 2
    Darryl Traynham- level 3