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    Our teachers are:
    Ms. Cooley- ncooley@lcps.org
    • Accounting
    • Advanced Accounting
    • Computer Information Systems
    • Personal Finance
     Mr. Starke - cstarke@lcps.org
    • Introduction to Business and Marketing
    • Personal Finance
    • Sports Marketing

    Mrs. Woodward - awoodward@lcps.org

    • Introduction to Business and Marketing
    • Business Law
    • Business Management
    • Personal Finance



    Business Courses


    Course Title:  Introduction to Business & Marketing


    Grades:  9-11 Credit: 1


    Prerequisite:  None


    This entry-level course is offered for all students and recommended as an introduction to the career preparation programs in Business and Marketing Education.Students explore the role of business and marketing in the free enterprise system and the global economy.They also study the operation of the American economy and apply decision-making skills as consumers, employees, and citizens.Communications and interpersonal skills are developed through various activities.




    Course:  Computer Information Systems


    Grades: 10-12 Credit: 1


    Prerequisite: Keyboarding or Keyboard Proficiency Exam


    Computer Information Systems provides students with opportunities to develop professional level skills in a projectoriented approach through the use of the Microsoft Office software package.Topics covered will be exploration and management of computer concepts and systems; producing word processing documents and electronic spreadsheets; developing and managing databases and a variety of career exploration opportunities. Students can also become eligible to test for acore level of MOS certification.


    Course:  Advanced Computer Information Systems


    Grades: 11-12 Credit: 1


    Prerequisite:Computer Information Systems or Using Word,Excel/Access, or Software Integration from the 2001-02 school year.


    Advanced Computer Information Systems provides students with a basic comprehension of the Microsoft Office software package and an opportunity to refine their skills through a variety of project and research activities.Through integration, students will be encouraged to analyze,synthesize, and evaluate authentic situations and apply appropriate technology to solve problems efficiently and effectively. When completed, students will be able to take the MOUS core and/or master exams.Topics covered will be using advanced word processing functions; using advanced database functions;designing and producing web pages; maintaining and troubleshooting systems; and executing networking activities.



    Course:  Accounting


    Grades:  10-12 Credit: 1




    The first year of accounting provides students a thorough background in the basic accounting procedures used to operatea business.The accounting procedures presented will also serve as a sound background for employment in office jobs and preparation for business and accounting courses in college.



    Course:  Advanced Accounting


    Grades:  11-12 Credit: 1




    This course expands on topics learned in the first-year course while adding new topics about management accounting, cost accounting, not-for-profit accounting, and financial analysis. Strong emphasis is placed on using computerized accounting packages. The second year of accounting helps to qualify students for jobs and careers at higher levels than one year of study would allow. It also provides excellent background and preparation for college accounting courses and for business majors. Students who have completed two years of high school accounting generally are more successful in their first year of college accounting than students without that background.



    Course:  Business Law


    Grades: 10-12 Credit: .5




    Students gain an understanding of legal relationships, such as those between employer and employee, debtor and creditor,government and business, and landlord and tenant. Students also develop an understanding of the elements of contracts, sales transactions, and negotiable instruments. Business law has a major impact on the lives of young persons,adults, and business firms.The student will achieve an understanding of the legal principles which will be useful throughout life.


    Course:  Business Management


    Grades:  10-12 Credit: .5




    The focus of Business Management is to establish business principles and practices that form the groundwork for all business operations. Business fundamentals such as economic, legal, and social foundations are presented. Students will examine the process of organizing businesses, marketing products and services, financing operations,managing and developing employees, and making difficult business decisions in a dynamic competitive atmosphere.