• Briar Woods Fight Song
    (Fight Mighty Falcons)
    Words by Duane Minnick
    Fight Mighty Falcons of Briar Woods
    We're gonna win today
    The Falcons fly high, hear our battle cry
    Our team can really soar, just watch us score
    Fight Mighty Falcons of Briar Woods
    Have pride in all you do
    We're fearless and true
    Cheer for the Orange and Blue
    Give us victory for Briar Woods
    Drum Break (Falcon Spellout)
    Repeat Song

    Alma Mater


    Briar Woods, Briar Woods,


    Stand tall for the one we Love.


    When we wear the orange and blue you’ll see our falcon’s path to victory.


    Briar Woods, Briar Woods,


    We pledge to be true to you.


    Falcon pride will lead us, as it should forever Briar Woods.





    School Colors: Orange and Navy Blue


    School Mascot: Falcon