Introduction to Naviance Student Workshop

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    Naviance Student is an incredible tool for WHS students and their families!  It is a comprehensive secure website to assist you and your child in making decisions about courses, colleges, and careers. Students will learn how to access and use their personal site to help organize their college planning and search process.  Students can obtain general college information, get access to specific college websites, and get a list of colleges that would be a good fit for the student from a GPA and test score perspective. Using Naviance Student, you can compile a list of careers, majors, and colleges that you have considered and/or applied to, store a personal game plan, and register for college visits. This is just the tip of the iceberg and we invite students and parents to sign on and start the exploration.

    How do you sign on?
    Students can access Naviance Student through their LCPSGo account.  Parents have been registered with their email address on record as their username and woodgrove for the password.  They may click here to login.  If you are unable to log on, contact Mrs. Sutphin at 540-751-2607 or by email, rachel.sutphin@lcps.org. 

    What do I do once I log on?
    The Welcome page will appear when you log-in. Announcements and other important information are posted here. You will access the various features using the 3 main tabs; “about me,” "careers,” and “colleges.”


    About Me includes:

    My Profile – Includes basic biographical data and grade point averages. 

    My Resume - By completing this resume with information about your accomplishments and talents, you can help us get a better understanding of how to help you effectively describe yourself to colleges.  It may also help match you with local and state scholarship opportunities.

    My Colleges – As you find colleges that interest you, we recommend that you add them to your list of “Colleges That I’m Considering”. If one of your colleges of interest visits Woodgrove High School, you will automatically receive an e-mail alerting you to the date and time of their visit. Also, as you apply to colleges, you will track the status of your application under “Colleges to which I’m Applying”.

    My Journal – As you investigate colleges and start to develop or refine your college list, this is an excellent place to chronicle your thoughts and questions.  


    Careers includes:

    Using this feature, students can explore careers and keep track of careers in which they are interested.In addition, there are 3 insightful assessments available to help students focus their interests, talents and abilities towards a “right fit” future pathway.

    Personality Type Assessment - Do What You Arehelps students focus on who they are and what educational path is best for them.This personality assessment will generate a report that will provide students with important information. They will learn about their personal strengths and blindspots, how they negotiate in their daily life, and provide individual suggestions for best suited careers and college majors.It is important to remember that the science of personality types is not an exact science. However, an understanding of your type can guide you in making better decisions for your future.  

    Career Interest Profiler - This tool can help each student discover the types of work activities and careers that match his or her interests. It allows students to explore and learn more about the careers that exist and the preparation needed to pursue.

    The Cluster Finder - The Cluster Finder will help you learn what career clusters may be a good match for you based on activities that interest you, personal qualities that you have and subjects that you enjoy studying in school.Career clusters are a way of grouping careers with common features and skills. Careers grouped into the same cluster typically require similar education and training. Exploring clusters can be a useful way to find a good career match; especially if you have general areas of interest but are not sure what specific careers match those interests. Career clusters can also help you better understand how your coursework in school can prepare you for certain types of careers.


    Colleges includes:

    College Search – Finding a college that is right for you.

    College Lookup – Start here to research a specific college. We always recommend that students visit the college’s individual website for the most up-to-date information. There is a direct link to the website on each college’s Naviance homepage. 

    Upcoming College Visits – College admission representatives visit WHS throughout the school year, especially in the fall, to meet directly with interested sophomore, junior and senior students. Parents are welcome to attend. To see what colleges have scheduled visits to WHS, click here. Students may click on “sign up” next to the college name to register for the session and receive an email that reminds them of the upcoming visit.  

    Scholarship List – Click here for a complete listing of scholarships of which we receive notice. Many of these scholarships are from local, community, or state organizations. 

    Scholarship Match Based on information in your profile, your resume, or your game plan, scholarships are matched with your qualifications. The more information you complete in Family Connection, the better the matches.*Before applying for scholarships, it is important that you go to the source and determine whether the scholarship is still available.

    College Match; College Compare; Scattergrams; Maps; Acceptance History - use data collected from WHS graduates as a comparison tool for current students.


    This is just an introduction to several of the useful features of Naviance Student. We encourage you to take a look at the menu and explore all of the other helpful and useful options!