• SOL Prep Courses



    1. SAT Busters: $100; Provides two 3 hour classes provided within weeks of an upcoming SAT test. States that the new strategies and skills mastered during these classes will help increase your score by at least 100 points.

    Mr. Hochkammer; satbusters@comcast.net


    2. Loudoun for Ivy Insiders:  $599 - $899; A summer test prep program run by Revolution Prep. States that nearly 10,000 high school students all over the country have used Ivy Insiders programs to raise their test scores by an average of 254 points to greatly improve their college admissions prospects.

    Sign-up online at http://www.revolutionprep.com/ivy/josh_c

    In addition to classes, Ivy Insiders will also be hosting free SAT workshops and proctoring free SAT practice exams.

    Next Free Practice SAT Exam will be on July 1st from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM at the  Purcellville Baptist Church. All attendees will receive a free score report and personal analysis as well as a discount for any Ivy Insiders program.
    Contact Josh Carrier at
    Josh_Carrier@ivyinsiders.comor at 540-454-2424"


    3. College Board: Free; SAT Online
    Must see Guidance Counselor or visit Career Center to obtain registration ticket.


    College Board also offers My College QuickStart, free of charge to all students who take the PSAT/NMSQT. My College QuickStart is an easy-to-use, online, personalized college and career planning kit. The information and answers your child provided on his/her PSAT are incorporated into this useful tool, and it presents their data back to them in four main parts:

    • My Online Score Report- an enhanced score report that allows students to review each test question, the student’s answer, and the correct answer with answer explanations.

    • My SAT Study Plan- a customized SAT study plan based on student PSAT/NMSQT
    test performance,

    highlighting skills for review and practice.

    • My College Matches- A starter list of colleges based on the student’s state and
    indicated choice of major.
    • My Major and Career Matches- Major and career matches that are compatible with the student’s general interests and personality type.
    Access is available using the access code printed on the student’s paper score report, and the tool can be utilized throughout high school.


    4. Kaplan: Free; Test Prep

    Coupon codes below are effective May 1st, 2011

    Here’s how to sign up for the free online program:

    1.)    Visit www.kaptest.com/kas.  Under “Free Resources” select “SAT Online”, “PSAT Online” or “ACT Online”.

    2.)    Click “Enroll Now”, then click “Proceed to Next Step”

    3.)    Fill out “Billing Information” (don’t worry, it’s still free).  You must complete all fields, including student and parent contact information.

    4.)    In the “Promotion Code” box, enter the discount code for the course you would like to begin:

    ·         SAT Online SATKAS430

    ·         PSAT Online PSATKAS430

    ·         ACT Online ACTKAS430

    5.)    Click “Apply” next to the promo code box.  Total should automatically reset to $0.

    6.)    Click “Submit Order”, and you’re done!



    5. SAT PREP CLASS: $250

    Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 classes will be announced. You can contact the instructors below for additional information regarding classes and tutoring.

    Jennifer Bergal: jkbergel@aol.com, 703-298-9204 and

    Lina Cahan: Cahans@verizon.net, 540-533-9740)




    *Listed courses are in no particular order and in no way endorsed by LCPS or

    Woodgrove High School but provided as a courtesy to assist our students.