• Woodgrove Tardy Policy
    Students are expected to be on time to school and to their classes.
    The school will work closely with students and parents, particularly when emergencies arise.
    Students tardy to school due to doctor, dental or judicial appointment must report to the attendance office with a note from their doctor, dentist or have a note from the court.  Otherwise it will count as an unexcused tardy and may result in disciplinary action.
    Excessive tardies will be referred to Guidance and/or Administration.
    Tardies have an impact on athletes, VHSL participation and other extracurricular activities and events.
    In order to participate in the day's activities, athletes or students in other extracurricular activities who arrive after 9:15 am must have a doctor, dental or court letter or approval of the principal (given only for very extenuating circumstances).  This includes Fine Arts productions and concerts.
    Consequences for unexcused uardies to school (per semester):
    1st Tardy-Warning
    2nd Tardy- Call home to parent.
    3rd Tardy- One day of administrative lunch detention.
    4th Tardy- Two days of administrative lunch detention In-School Restriction (ISR).
    5th Tardy- Three days of administrative lunch detention Administrative options.
    6th Tardy- Friday School- 4pm -6pm.
    7th Tardy- Two(2) days of ISR and a notice to the parent and student that student's parking permit will be revoked for one week on the eighth unexcused tardy to school.
    8th Tardy- Two(2) days of ISR and student driver's parking permit revoked for one(1) week or disciplinary action at administrator's discretion.
    Note: Administrators reserve the right to revoke driving privileges, loss of other privileges or employ other consequences which might be more effective for dealing with tardiness.