• Woodgrove High School Attendance Philosophy

    Students of school age have a right to a free public school education, and they have a responsibility to attend school. Regular attendance is essential if students are to benefit fully from the educational opportunities provided for them. Unless excused by their principal, students are expected to be in school and on time every day. Appropriate disciplinary measures may be taken against students who fail to accept this responsibility.

    Recognizing that there are legitimate circumstances that prevent students from being in school, the School Board has provided that principals shall excuse students who are absent because of the reasons listed below. Notification and appropriate documentation must be provided by the parent for:

    · personal illness

    · death in the family

    · medical or dental appointments

    · court appearances

    · religious holidays

    Principals are also authorized to excuse students who are absent because of illness in the immediate family or emergencies that, in the judgment of the principal, require a student to be absent, or trips that extend or enhance a student's education, when such trips are approved in advance by the principal.

    All students are subject to compulsory attendance in school until the age of eighteen. Parents of students with poor attendance history or a history of truancy will be required to provide a doctor's excuse for each absence.