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SOL Preparation and Review
Below is a link to an interactive site on which students can take released Reading and Writing SOL exams, with immediate feedback about correct or incorrect answers:
More Links to SOL Preparation Resources:
Other Resources:
English SOL Reading Resources
Released 2009 EOC Test:
Released 2008 EOC Test:
Released 2007 EOC Test:
Released 2004 EOC Test:
Released 2003 EOC Test:
English SOL Writing Resources
Released 2009 EOC Test:
Released 2009 Writing Prompt:
Released 2007 EOC Test:
Released 2006 EOC Test:
Released 2006 Writing Prompt:
Review websites
Reading Comprehension
Houghton Mifflin Reading Comprehension
The Reading Matrix: Online Reading Activities
Reading Practice - Cloze, speed and other disciplines

Reading for Thinking (5th and 6th editions): Online Practice

SOL Literary Terms PowerPoint (Print these out as handout, 6 per page, then cut out each slide and turn it into a flashcard)
Open up this file, play as a slide show, look at the definitions and examples and try to guess the term.  Click again to see the literary term.
Last Modified on February 11, 2013