• What can parents do to help stopy bullying?
    Parents play a key role in the prevention of bullying.  You are the first role models your children have.  Your kids pick up on your attitudes and views of the world and its people.  If your approach involves tolerance and respect of others, then your children will pick up on that.  If your approach involves bigotry and prejudice, your children will pick up on that as well.  Help your children to understand and support diversity.  Take them to cultural events, exhibits at museums, read books about other people and countries, listen to different types of music, watch educational shows about other cultures, travel to different places when possible.  There are many ways to help your children learn that everyone in the world does not look like them, believe in what they believe in or live the same way that they do.  It is our job as parents and educators to help them to see the world through others' perspective. 
    Talk with your kids about what is happening at school.  Try to get a gauge on what their experience is like.  Ask probing questions like: Who do you sit with at lunch? Have you met any new friends? What are the other kids like at your school? Do you like your teachers? What is your favorite subject and why? Do you see other kids being mistreated at school? Have you been mistreated at school?
    Often times parents are the first ones to hear about bullying or mistreatment at school.  We as educators rely on parents to share that information with us so we can act upon it.
Last Modified on November 3, 2010