• Anti-Bullying Program at SHMS
    Bullying defined: Bullying is the repeated use of one's strength of status for the purpose of intimidating or injuring another person.  Bullying is about an imbalance of power.  The key phrase is REPEATED.  A one time incident between two students is NOT considered bullying.

    A comprehensive bullying program has many components.  First, a school must research what the social climate.  The way that we do this at Stone Hill is by surveying our community.  Each Spring, as part of our PBIS program, we survey our students and teachers with regards to school climate.  The surveys are anonymous and we receive great feedback on what is really happening here and suggestions on how we can help.  Next, we plan our program for the following year.  We start the year by educating our staff.  This year, we pushed information and research out to the staff and faculty. We review PBIS and discipline data with the staff to provide our staff with a realistic view of what is happening here at Stone Hill.  We also teach staff how to recognize bullying and what to do about it when they see it.  

    We then begin our student education programs.  Each grade level covers bullying from a different angle: 

    •       During 6th grade, we cover the basics of Bullying
    •       During 7th grade, the concentration is on Sexual Harassment (This is mandated by the county)  
    •       During 8th grade, the focus is on Cyberbullying
    In addition to these lessons, counselors and administrators conducted tolerance/bullying/getting to know you activities through PE classes. Throughout the year, we try to provide parents with an opportunity to learn more about how we are combating bullying by having parent coffees and sharing information via our guidance website and newsletters.  Our school climate is greatly impacted by our PBIS program, which is a school wide program modeling and promoting Respect of Self, Others and Property. 

Last Modified on January 30, 2017