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Math Analysis IIP                 


1st Term Topical Overview:


linear functions

solving linear systems

Gauss elimination

matrix operations


quadratic functions

solving quadratic equations using

derivation of quadratic formula

completing the square


cubic functions

position, velocity, and acceleration relationships

average velocity from data

symmetric difference quotient

zeros of model velocity function

solution of radical functions

Binomial Theorem/Pascal’s triangle

combinations, permutations

variation and standard deviation of normal models

normal model for binomial densities

Central Limit Theorem

distribution of means


2nd Term Topical Overview:


instantaneous vs. average velocity

tangent line to point on a graph

relative extrema


derivative as a rate of change

cost, demand, revenue, profit functions

marginal cost, profit

inflection points

sinusoidal functions

derivative of sine and cosine

second derivatives


angle sum identity

trig identities involving sine and cosine

probability applied to genetics

Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium Principle


3rd Term Topical Overview:


radical, reciprocal functions

odd/even functions


inverse variation


derivative rules

power functions

sum/difference rule

chain rule

scalar multiplication

product rule

mathematical induction

polynomial approximators for sinusoidal functions

geometric sequences

recursive/explicit functions

exponential functions

linear approximation


4th Term Topical Overview:


finite difference equations

increasing/decreasing functions


derivative rules for


exponential functions

log functions

exponential growth/decay

bounded exponential growth

logistic functions

sequence of partial sums

infinite geometric series

Newton’s Law of Cooling

Euler’s Method

Logarithmic functions

discrete and continuous models

parametric model for projectile motion

analysis of relationships