1.   Behavioral: All school rules are in effect at all times.  You will want to keep the following in mind:

    o   Be IN CLASS when the tardy bell rings.  Enter and begin the "clochette".

    o   You may not leave the classroom after the tardy bell for the first and last 20 minutes of the class.

    o   Be kind.  Show everyone respect.  When the teacher or a peer is speaking, remain quiet and wait your turn to speak.

    o   We are a team and must work together.  Ridicule will not be tolerated.

    o   NO GUM is allowed in the classroom.  It must be properly disposed of immediately.

    o   Limit your cell phone usage in class.  Multi-tasking does not make for optimal learning....

         Please no food as we have students with food allergies.


    2.      Academic:  EVERYONE will be successful in this class.  Maintain high expectations for yourself and strive to meet your goals. I value open and kind communication.  Please see me anytime with questions, concerns, ideas/suggestions, etc.    You will want to remember:

    Participation is assessed on a daily basis.  It is vital to be in class and to volunteer often. Grades on reading, writing, speaking and listening activities are taken through the class period.

    Structure and vocabulary quizzes are given as needed throughout each theme.    Tests are given as announced.

    Other grades include dictées, group work, skits, recordings, etc.

    Homework receives full credit on the day it is due.  Homework is corrected in class so therefore it is not given credit for being late.

    Make-up work is a student’s responsibility.  It is advantageous to make up missed work (class work, homework, quizzes and tests) immediately following an absence.  County policy states:  1 class period for each day missed.

    Attendance is critical.  It is difficult to replicate in-class activities outside of class.




                                                                  Homework                       10%                         
                                                                  Interpretive                       25%
                                                                  Interpersonal                     25%
                                                                  Presentational                   40%