• Physical education is geared towards teaching students how to be active for a lifetime.  We focus on getting students moving through different activities and hope they will continue to be active as they go through life.  Students will have the opportunity to explore health topics and promote healthy lifestyles during their health units. 
    Each student is required by the state of Virginia to complete two years of Health and Physical Education to graduate.  Generally students are taking HPE (Health and Physical Education) during their 9th and 10th grade years unless a student transferred or moved in from another state or country as an upper classman.  If the transfer student did not complete two years at their previous school or schools then the student will work with our guidance office and determine how the student will fulfill their requirement through our HPE course offerings in their junior and/or senior year.
    The yearly calendar is set up where there are rotations in the classroom and in physical education.  Generally the first two quarters are broken into 4 1/2 week segments with half of each quarter PE or Health/Drivers Education (10th).  The third quarter we are on a two week cycle with two weeks in PE and two weeks in Health.  The fourth quarter we are either completely in a PE rotation or completing FLE (Family Life Education) or in some cases a health unit if snow days impact the second or third quarter health or drivers education units.
    Listed below is information for you to review.  You will find the Stone Bridge PE Rules and Regulations information, Mr. May's class syllabus (please note on syllabus make up work expectations) , PE grading Rubric, Physician Activity check list for those students that are injured or medical conditions which do not allow the student to fully participate in Physical Education class.