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    bulldog Steven Bills
     English Teacher 

    This is Mr. Bills’ thirteenth year in the Stone Bridge English Department. Classes this year include AP Literature and Composition, English 11H, and the Bulldog Writing Center elective course.  This is the fourth year this class is being offered at Stone Bridge, although other high schools in Loudoun County have successfully operated student-operated centers. 
    He holds a BS from the US Naval Academy and an MA from the University of Maryland. Prior to joining the faculty he served in the Navy and worked for over 20 years in management consulting for 3 firms in Northern Virginia and California. He also taught Plebe English for 3 years at the Naval Academy and Freshman English at Northern Virginia Community College.
    Mr. B is available before (8 AM, Room 600) and after school (please make an appointment) for extra help and resolving issues if you were or are going to be absent.  Parents and students are welcome to email him at the linked address and to monitor progress with your English education on the Parent Phoenix portal.

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