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VISION Training Course
Watch the videos below while logged into VISION.  Pause the video periodically and practice the techniques and tips demonstrated. Watch the videos as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the content.
Complete the weekly quizzes at (login information was sent to you via email when you signed up for the course).
Finally, complete the final assignment in the VISION Training Course.
You will be able to enroll in the following VISION courses when you sign up for Bulldog Bootcamp Training:
  • SBHS VISION Sandbox
  • Learning Vision

You may need external speakers connected to your computer or headphones when watching videos.
Week #1: The Basics of Vision
VIDEO #1 An Overview of the Vision Course
Topics Covered: How the VISION course is set up and an explanation of the editing icons.
Topics Covered: Adding labels and text pages to your Vision Course.
Topics Covered: Adding web pages and uploading files and links to your Vision course.
Topics Covered: Adding and working with books in your Vision course.
VIDEO #5 Adding Resources to Your Course Part 4
Topics Covered: Displaying a directory in your Vision course.
Week #2: Adding Activities In Vision
Topics Covered: Adding Offline Text and Online Text assignments to your course.
Topics Covered: Adding Single File and Multiple File assignments to your course. 
Topics Covered: Creating a quiz part 1.
VIDEO #4 Adding Activities Part 4
Topics Covered: Creating a quiz part 2.

Week #3: Adding Activities to Vision (con't)
VIDEO #1 Adding Activities Part 5 Topics Covered: Using the Choice activity and creating a Chat Room.
VIDEO #2 Adding Activities Part 6  Topics Covered: Using the Forum activity and creating a Journal.
VIDEO #3 Adding Activities Part 7  Topics Covered: Using the Glossary activity.
VIDEO #4 Adding Activities Part 8 Topics Covered: Using the Podcast activity and creating a Wiki.

Week #4: Covering Loose Ends in Vision
VIDEO #1 Working with Activities: Questionnaire Topics Covered: Using the Questionnaire in your Vision course.
VIDEO #2 Customizing Course Blocks Topics Covered: Customizing and arranging your course blocks in Vision.
VIDEO #3 Frequenlty Asked QuestionsTopics Covered: How do I create more topics?  How do I insert a video?
Week FOUR QUIZ: Click to Login to ClassMarker
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Training AT A Glance

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Courses can be completed on school computers or at home.
Courses require flash.

COURSE ENROLLMENT: There are currently 12  students enrolled in the ActivInspire class.

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