• Clinic Information


    ·         Our registered nurse is Diane Voelker.


    ·         The clinic’s direct line is 571-252-2215.


    ·      If your child has any significant medical needs, please notify the nurse even if the school has been notified in previous school years.  If your child has diabetes, seizures, life-threatening allergies, asthma or uses an inhaler, you should pick up forms for you and your physician to complete so the school can understand and address your child’s needs.  If the child was in Loudoun County Public Schools last year, these forms were sent to you at the end of school in June.


    ·      A parent or guardian must deliver any medication (prescription or non-prescription) to the school office or clinic.  Students should not transport any medication to or from school.  Parents are responsible for picking up unused medication.


    ·     The nurse must have written instructions from the physician in order to administer prescription medication. 


    These should include:


    ·         Student’s name.


    ·         Name and purpose of the medication.


    ·         Dosage and time of administration.


    ·         Possible side effects and measures to take if they should occur.


    ·         End date for administering the medication.


    ·         Parent signature-giving permission to administer medicine and to contact



    ·         Physician’s signature.


    ·         A copy of the special “Medication Form” that should be used is available on the next page.  It is suggested that you keep it for use should the need arise for your child to receive prescription medicine.  Additional forms may be obtained from the main office or clinic.


    ·         All prescription medicine must be in the original pharmacy bottle with the proper label containing the name of the student, dosage, and instructions for administration.  If you ask, the pharmacy will give you an extra bottle with the proper amount of medication for school.


    ·         If the nurse needs to give non-prescription medication:


    ·         It must be in an original package with the name of the medicine and instructions.


    ·         The nurse must have a note from the parent regarding when and how much medicine to administer.


    ·         The nurse will only give the amount listed on the package for you child’s age and weight and for the recommended length of time the student should receive the medicine unless she has doctor’s orders on a medication form that indicates otherwise.


    ·         The nurse cannot administer medicine that is not in its original container.


    ·         Student’s who have fevers should be kept at home until free of fever for 24 hours.


    ·         All 10th graders and students new to Loudoun County Public Schools will be screened for vision and hearing during the first two months of school.  Parents will be notified of any concerns.


    ·         Be sure to keep the “Emergency Information” up-to-date so that we can reach you if your child is ill or injured.


    Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is the only medication supplied by the school.  The nurse must have written parental permission in order to administer this medication.  Please be sure that the Tylenol permission information on the emergency card is completed and that your signature is on the form.  Because Acetaminophen, in large amounts, over a period of time, can cause liver damage, the nurse will give only 4 doses in a 4 week period.  Before a fifth dose is given, the parent will be contacted.