• PEER Counselors
    Often students can benefit from talking to a fellow student.  PEER students are trained to listen and to determine when student problems require more professional intervention.  Students can refer themselves or friends who are having various problems.  Contact the School Counseling Office for more details.
    Group Counseling
    Certain services are provided for students having specific issues and needing ongoing support through groups lead by Loudoun County Public Schools school psychologists, social workers, and guidance counselors.
    Student Referral and Assessment Program
    This program is a collaborative program between Loudoun County Mental Health and Loudoun County Public Schools Prevention Office.  SRAP provides a Loudoun County Mental Health Therapist who will be available to conduct a free assessment at school for students who are having difficulties due to behavior problems, emotional problems, family difficulties, peer relationships, or other outside issues.  Contact the School Counseling Office for more information.
    Depression Awareness Program
    The Depression Awareness High School Outreach Program is presented to all of the ninth grade health classes at Stone Bridge High School in cooperation with Loudoun County Public School psychologists, social workers and guidance counselors.  This program teaches students how to identify the signs of depression and suicide.  The program also teaches the students what to do when someone else needs help.  The acronym ACT (Acknowledge, Care, Tell) is used to help students remember what to do when they encounter someone who shows signs of depression or suicide.  The program uses a video to illustrate real life scenarios of students in need of help and actions to take to get help.
    Coordination with Local Agencies
    Occasionally, there are situations which necessitate the need to work with local agencies. 
    Parent Resource Services
    Now in its sixteenth year, the Loudoun County Parent Resource Center (PRS) is a place where parents and professionals can come to learn more about different disabilities, the special education process, and resources available to special needs students and their families or families whose children are experiencing learning difficulties.  Parent Resource Services is located at 21000 Education Ct., Ashburn, VA 20148. The phone number is 571-252-6540. 
    Gale eBooks
    Cameron's Collection houses nearly 40 eBooks to help nurture and protect students' mental health and wellness.
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