Where are the Scholarships? As the graph indicates, the largest amount of scholarship money is given via College Awarded Grants. This is the best (and easiest) place to start when searching for scholarships. Be sure to talk to the Office of Financial Aid for colleges you may matriculate to about available merit and need based aid. A net cost calculator can also be found on the website of many institutions.
    2016 Scholarship Graph  
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    For Loudoun County and Stone Bridge Scholarships, use the links on the drop down menu to the left. 
       Scholarship information and search tools are at the bottom of the "Colleges" tab 
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      Free scholarship search site
          Articles on Fastweb: 
       $2.99 scholarship site that includes a mobile or web app; showcased on the show "Shark Tank"
      Free scholarship search site
    Scholarship Information for Military Dependents 
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