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    Missed our Career Conversations? View our YouTube Channel to hear from: The Fitness Equation, Structural Repair & Renovations, Rosendin Electric, Loudoun Water, Janelia Research, ProJet Avaition and Equinix Data Center.

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    Work while pursuing a certificate and gaining specialized skills. Learn more at NOVA Workforce Development.
    Take FREE Career and Technical classes through NOVA SySTEMic.
    Learn more about pursuing a career in medicine here: Tips on Preparing for a Career in Medicine
    Find and compare teaching degrees in Virginia: Virginia Teaching Degrees.
    Take a Myers-Briggs personality test and learn about career paths for your type: www.16personalities.com 
    My Future: Take a career inventory test.
    Science and Engineering websites: 
    Please read the information below provided by the Department of Labor to obtain a work permit:

    Employment certificates are obtained through the Agency’s online system Virginia Electronic Employment Certificate System, (VAeECS).  The youth must have a job offer prior to applying for an employment certificate. The process requires online actions by the youth, employer, and parent, guardian, or custodian in that order. 

     VIRGINIA Youth Electronic Employment Certificate Instructions Overview

    Youth Employment Certificates are issued through Virginia’s New Employment Certificate application site.  Please read the notices below PRIOR to beginning the registration process.

      • Youth MUST BE age 14 or age 15 to apply for an employment certificate.
      • Youth DO NOT begin the registration process for an employment certificate until you have a firm offer of employment.
      • You WILL NOT be issued an employment certificate until you have an employer.
      • You MUST NOT begin to work until you have been issued an employment certificate by the Department of Labor and Industry.

    To apply for a work permit, visit: https://vaeecs.doli.virginia.gov/vaeecs/