• Behind The Wheel

    Criteria for Behind the Wheelbulldogcar
    Students must have a Virginia Learner's Permit and have a passing grade in the Driver's Education Course given in their 10th grade PE Class.  Students and a parent or guardian are required to attend a 90 minute mandatory "Partners for Safe Teen Driving" presentation in order to complete their classroom instruction.
    How do I sign up with a School Instructor?
    A Behind the Wheel packet can be picked up in the School Counseling Office. Return the completed forms with a check for $225.00 made out to SBHS. Students are requested to submit their 45 hour log upon completion. Juniors and Seniors wishing to drive with a school instructor must attend or have attended a Partner's for Safe Teen Driving session.
    Early sign up for 10th graders is allowed after 18 class periods. The student must have a passing grade which is verified by their teacher.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who have taken Driver's Education at another high school will need to get their "Certificate of Completion" from their previous school.
    What do I need if I am driving with a Private Company?
    Students wishing to take Behind the Wheel through a private company should come to the School Counseling Office to request their "Certificate of Completion." It takes approximately 2-3 days to get the certificate - so ask early! 
    Students must have attended the "Partners for Safe Teen Driving" presentation to get their certificate. This is required by the Code of Virginia.