• Behind The Wheel

    Criteria for Behind the Wheelbulldogcar
    Students must have a Virginia Learner's Permit and have a passing grade in the Driver's Education Course given in their 10th grade PE Class.  Students and a parent or guardian are required to attend a 90 minute mandatory "Partners for Safe Teen Driving" presentation in order to complete their classroom instruction.
    How do I sign up with a School Instructor?
    A Behind the Wheel packet can be picked up in the School Counseling Office. Return the completed forms with a check for $225.00 made out to SBHS. Students are requested to submit their 45 hour log upon completion. Juniors and Seniors wishing to drive with a school instructor must attend or have attended a Partner's for Safe Teen Driving session.
    Early sign up for 10th graders is allowed after 18 class periods. The student must have a passing grade which is verified by their teacher.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who have taken Driver's Education at another high school will need to get their "Certificate of Completion" from their previous school.
    What do I need if I am driving with a Private Company?
    Students wishing to take Behind the Wheel through a private company would complete a Google Form to request their "Certificate of Completion."  Once the requirements have been verified, the certificate will be mailed to the student's address on file. 
    Students must have attended the "Partners for Safe Teen Driving" presentation to get their certificate. This is required by the Code of Virginia.