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    Course Syllabi:  Levels 1 & 2  located on StudentVue
    Our learning environment, supplies, grading, and contact information may be found  here.
    There are two types of graded summative assessments in Spanish 1 & Spanish 2:
    Progressing Assessments worth 40% (quizzes and small projects) and Mastery Assessments worth 60% (end of the unit tests and projects). 
    Retake Policy:  Students scoring a 79 C grade (79 or below) who are demonstrating difficulty with the material, and, or struggling in the course, may be granted an opportunity to retake an assessment.  This decision will be made by the discretion of the teacher.  The highest grade permitted for any retake assessment will be a 79%.

    Students must study vocabulary daily.  Both levels will be expected to take a progressing vocabulary assessment in their last class at the end of each week.
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                                                Spanish 2 Course Topics
    Quarter 1 

    Repaso de Gramática

    Tu día escolar

    • Classroom items, activities, and rules
    • Extracurricular activities
       Quarter 2 
      Un evento especial
    • Daily routines and getting ready for an event
    • Describing what you wear, pricing

    Ir de Compras

    • Gifts, accessories, buying and shopping
    • Clothing, shopping, and prices
    Quarter 3 

    • Traveling, Vacations, Modes of transportation, and Nationalities
    • Errands, Places in the City
      Tú y tu comunidad and read a book
    • Getting around town, driving, and directions
    • Talk about thing you did and where
    • Ask for and give directions for getting to places, give commands
    • Read, "Casi se muere" Blaine Ray Reader
    Quarter 4 

    Celebrando el pasado
    • Childhood Activities
    • Family and Food
    • Holiday Celebrations
    • Read, "¿Dónde está Eduardo?"
    • Review for Final



                                                    Spanish 1 Course Topics
    Quarter 1  Let's Get to Know Each Other
    • Weather, seasons, numbers, telling time, commands
    • Describing oneself, body parts
    • Favorite pastimes, sports
    Quarter 2   School and Food /Nutrition
    • Education
    • Community, professions, travel, leisure
    • Review for Midterm Benchmark
    Quarter 3    El Restaurante, Community and Family
    • Foods, requesting food in a restaurant
    • Family relationships
    Quarter 4    Home, chores, celebrations, read a book
    • Describe household chores, interior rooms
    • Parties and celebrations 
    • Read Pobre Ana
    • Review for Final Benchmark
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