• Classroom Rules

    “Think Team”


    T  -  Throughout the day be respectful and kind to others.  Example:  Please do not talk while I am teaching, or while others are participating. 

    E  -  Enter the classroom quietly.  Be prepared to learn and participate by bringing the necessary materials (composition notebook, paper, pencil, etc.) and a positive attitude.    

    A  -  Always raise your hand when asking or answering a question, and remain seated unless granted permission.  

    M  -  Make sure you are seated and quietly working on your bell ringer assignment before the bell has sounded.   Entering the classroom is not the time to socialize with your classmates.  There will be an assignment waiting for you as soon as you arrive.

    Failure to abide by T.E.A.M. Rules while in class will result in the following possible consequences depending on the severity of the situation:  warning to student, call home, consultation with the Dean, and / or in school detention if behavior is not corrected. 
    Rules may never be bent and are considered different from classroom procedures.  All classroom procedures such as when to sharpen your pencil, bathroom breaks, turning in assignments, etc. will be presented in class. 
    Here is to a great school year together! 

Last Modified on August 19, 2015