First Nine Weeks

     Goals are determined by the Virginia Standards of Learning in Art 

    *The student will maintain a digital journal and record the steps of art-making for varied assignments

    *The student will refine media techniques in a graphic word design and art folder design. 

    *The student will use ideas, concepts, and prior knowledge to solve art-making problems. 

    *The student will apply Elements of Art and Principles of Design in clay sculpture.

    *The student will use a variety of techniques, including perspective, to create the illusion of space

      in in two-dimensional drawing.

    *The student will apply a variety of techniques in observational and expressive drawing of the

      human form. 

    *The student will create three-dimensional works of art with clay in hand-building techniques.

    *The student will identify styles in Classical works of art and how art and culture influence each


    *The student will identify subjects, themes, and symbols as they relate to meaning in designs.

    *The student will apply digital tools to create a coat of arms and abstract desgns. 

    *The student will apply processes of art criticism to evaluate their art and classmates.

    *The student will interpret ways that social and cultural beliefs can influence responses to works of

















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