Second Nine Weeks

    Goals are determined by the Virginia Standards of Learning in Art 


    *Students continue with clay hand building and glaze application.

    *Students will continue to use journals and record the steps of art-making.

    *Students will use ideas, concepts, and prior knowledge to solve art-making problems through drawing and shading the human eye. 

    *Students will apply elements of art and principles of design to mix media graphic.

    *Students will use a variety of techniques, including perspective, to create the illusion of space in a perspective drawing.

    *Students will apply a variety of techniques in observational and expressive drawing the human form.

    *Students will interpret ways that social and cultural beliefs can influence responses to works of art by Renaissance and Enlightenment artists

    *Students will identify styles in selected art periods.

    *Students will identify subjects, themes, and symbols as they relate to meaning in Color pencil animal drawings.

    *Students will continue to apply processes of art criticism to evaluate works of art.

    *Students will develop their understanding of the Elements of Art and Principles of Design.  














Last Modified on November 5, 2019