• Second Nine Weeks 
    Goals are determined by the Virginia Standards of Learning in Art 

    *Students will develop texture in clay sculpture.

    *Students will continue to use a digital journal to organize the steps of the art-making process, including brainstorming, preliminary sketching, planning, reflecting, refining, and elaborating, to create works of art.

    *Students will exercise increasing skill and control in the use of pencil to create a Concentric Design.  

    *Students will use elements of art and principles of design to create a cartoon sketch.

    *Students will use a variety of techniques in perspective.

    *Students will use art elements in the creation of graphic designs.

    *Students will describe ways artists contribute to society through art and architecture. 

    *Students will identify components of artistic style of the Renaissance, Baroque and Impressionist periods.

    *Students will describe ideas communicated through a pastel landscape .

    *Students will identify how visual images communicate meaning through shape in design.

     *Students will use critical inquiry skills when describing, responding to, interpreting, and evaluating their work and      classmates.

    *Students will use a variety of techniques in a celebrity drawing.

    *Students will solve design problems using color relationships selected from the color wheel.

     *Students will use the principles of design to express ideas and create images, including proportion, rhythm, balance, emphasis, variety, and unity.

    *Students will use oil pastel to create a landscape

    *Students will use mixed media to create both visual and tactile textures in works of art.




Last Modified on November 5, 2019