First 9 Weeks Objectives

    * We will express ideas with art principles in a word design.

    * We will create original works of art with a variety of media.

    * We will record in a journal the steps of the art-making process, including brainstorming,

      preliminary sketching, and planning in a Greek vase drawing.

    * We will exercise increasing skill and control in the use of marker and color pencil to create a bug


    * We will use a variety of techniques in a perspective drawing.

    * We will apply art elements to digital design.

    * We will communicate personal ideas, experiences, and narratives through the creation of works of art in through sketches and rendering.

    * We will apply Elements of Art and Principles of Design in a pastel landscape.

    * We will apply a variety of techniques (e.g., gesture, continuous line) in observational

       drawings of a images.

    * We will use modeling, assembling, or carving to create a three-dimensional

       clay sculpture.

    * We will describe ways artists contribute to society in studies of famous works of art.

    * We will use critical inquiry skills when describing, responding to, interpreting, and

       evaluating their work and classmates.

    * We will describe and communicate ideas and emotions in art.

    * We will apply the Art Elements and Principles of Design. 




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