• Welcome to Art for the 2019/2020 School Year


    1. Raise your hand from your seat when you need assistance.  

    2. Treat classmates, teacher, and art room with respect.

    3. Always keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  

    4. Assigned Chromebook is the only device you will need. Phones and other devices are not permitted. 

    5. Stay engaged at your work area. Avoid gaming. 

    6. Tardy policy in effect. The placing of any part of your person outside the classroom, after the tardy bell, without a pass, may result in a tardy.

    7. Spinners, slime, toys, or devices unrelated to learning are not permitted.



    1. Neatly print your first and last name in ink on the back and bottom right of all paper art projects. With sculpture, your first and last name are

        neatly printed in the clay with a pencil. Projects without a name may be missing.  

    2. Hall passes are required for bathroom and emergency trips. 

    3. The paper cutter, teacher desk, unmarked cabinets, and storage room are off limits to students.

    4. The courtyard is entered by special permission.

    5. Unless there is a designated snack time, food is not permitted. Keep liquids away from your device and the art desktops. 

    6. Remember to organize and clean your area at the designated times.  



    1. Talent is not a factor in determining your grade. Grading is based upon meeting the project rubric or objective which reflects the Virginia SOL.   

    2. Rubrics, directions, notes, and videos will be placed in Google Classroom.                                               

    3. Projects are due on the assigned due date. Extensions on project due dates are accepted with valid excuse or at teacher discretion. Illness,

        appointments, or family circumstances may provide excuse. Students have 10 days after the dues date, to submit late work without excuse.

        Late projects, without excuse, will receive a score no higher than 80%.The 10 day extension does not apply to the end of the quarter.



    Bring a pencil, black pen or black marker, and eraser each day.  


    I understand that the expectations are in place to help me learn and that I will do my best to remember and apply them.


    Student Signature: ____________________________________




    Have a great year,

    Mr. Eskew







Last Modified on August 22, 2019