Quarter 1 Topics:
    a) Safety
    b) Scientific Investigation/Nature of Science (throughout entire year)
    c) Characteristics, Needs and Molecules of Living Things
    d) Cells: Theory, History, Structures and Functions
    Quarter 2 Topics:
    a) Cell Processes
    b) Genetics
    c) DNA
    Quarter 3 Topics:
    a) Evolution
    b) Classification
    c) Plant and Animal Kingdoms
    Quarter 4 Topics:
    a) Ecology
    b) Ecosystems
    c) Biomes
    Please note:
    Students enrolled in life science courses MAY participate in animal dissection. Students
    who decline to participate will be offered alternatives to dissection. A student’s objection
    to participating in an animal dissection should be substantiated by a signed note from his
    or her parent or legal guardian.

    We will NOT be participating in dissection this year at Smart's Mill.
Last Modified on August 18, 2016