• Assignment for missing concert:


    In order to make up for missing our concert, you need to choose one of the following projects and turn it in to Mrs. Haberman before Winter Break.  Projects will be graded, and the highest score possible will be a 90%.


    • Compare and contrast two different styles of classical music.   Include how they are alike and how they are different.  Name some composers for each style, where it originates, songs in that style, etc....  (This could be done in a paper or poster format)  If a poster, this cannot be hand drawn.  ALSO - do not plagerize.
    • Make a poster of famous composers.  Include a picture, birth and death dates, style of music, famous songs, where they lived, etc…
    • Write a paper on one of the periods in music history (Baroque, Romantic, 20th Century, etc…).  Report should be 2 pages in length typed and also include a title page.  Topics to cover:  Dates of the music period, some characteristics of that musical period, what instruments were used, what was the singing like?, famous composers.
    • Create a poster showing the anatomy of singing and explain the facts or healthy vocal production.  Be sure to use a diagram of the human head and label the most important parts, then label the larnyx and ribcage, intercostal muscles and diaphragm as well.  Make sure to include breathing, posture, etc.... This should be very informative, neat and well organized.  It may not be hand drawn.
Last Modified on December 2, 2021